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Animal Prints Australia : Combines elegance and sobriety; A classic fashion

The desire to bring a piece of nature into your home is now at the peak of popularity. Designers strive to make the most of natural materials or their imitation in the interior. Everyday bustle is boring with its monotony and artificiality, so people want to make their home cozier and closer to nature, which they yearn for in the urban environment. Along with the active use of natural materials, decor in the form or with the image of animals is increasingly appearing in the interiors. At the same time, the more unusual the beast, the more original and interesting the interior is.
Now you will not surprise anyone with a trophy obtained on the hunt and hanging on the wall. Moreover, the head or skin of an animal hanging on the wall has long been considered not a trophy, but a bad tone. Therefore, designers are increasingly using animal sculptures or paintings from various materials in interiors or are limited to paintings, posters, or animal prints on textiles. And animal prints Australia is one of the most popular ones nowadays.

Animal Prints Australia

Spectacular Animalistic Décor

Animal Paintings
The original sculpture in the form of an animal will perfectly complement any interior, will become its highlight, and will serve as an art object.
If the original art object in the interior is not enough, and a small space does not allow you to spend precious centimeters on the placement of a large decor, you can put an object in the interior that combines both a useful function and an original appearance.
You can use the image of an animal not only in a residential but also in a public interior. For example, in the competitive project of the Spettacolo restaurant, the main “chip” of the interior are animals and birds made of wire for the topiary. They can become an additional “marker” that distinguishes the restaurant from others.
Animal heads
Made of paper, newspapers, wood, cardboard, plywood. White, colored, gold… Eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, original. Not a single animal was injured during production!
Many well-known factories produce original lamps. Here are examples of design creations from the world-famous factories Kare Design, Karman Italia, Moooi.
Bed linen, pillows, curtains, etc.

Budgerigar Print Medium

Popular Pets for Interior Decor

In the design of the interior, we can use many different types of animal prints;

    • Birds including Kookaburra, Blue Wrens, Tawny Frogmouth, Rainbow Lorikeet, Galah etc
    • Possums
    • Owls
    • Koalas
    • and more
    • Check out the range of Australian Animals here and ask us about other animals.

Choosing décor for different interior styles

For a spectacular interior design, you should take into account the amazing animal prints.
Recommendations for choosing decor for specific styles:

    • Scandinavian – to maintain the overall restrained and harmonious atmosphere of style, it is recommended to use voluminous paper or wooden products. Among the popular décor stands the head of a bear, elk, and deer;
    • Minimalism – the paper decor or animal print is suitable, which frames the wall, table, or rack. Use a horse or deer in a light color as the main character;
    • Loft – in this style, mount large products on the walls look spectacular. The decor may have the outlines of a wild boar, elk, or rhinoceros. It is worth giving preference to dark colors that prevail in this style;
    • Modern and classic style – gypsum decor models will perfectly fit into the overall picture. They will perfectly complement the elements of stucco and beautifully framed paintings.
    • Provence – it is important to use products from woven rattan. It is also allowed to use plastic decors in light colors. When choosing the head of an animal, give preference to a bull or a horse;
    • Boho – in this style you can add a decor of any material. However, you will need to pay attention to the functionality of the figure. In such an interior, give preference to horned or predatory animals.
    • Eclectic – a modern direction involves the use of unusual solutions in the interior. It can be the head of a dragon or a shark installed in the hall.
      For private houses with wood trim, you can choose an original decor with the image of a wolf.

Regardless of the style of the interior, the decor in the form of animal prints will become an accent decoration of the room.

Images of animals in the interior attract all the attention, so you need to use them with a sense of proportion. To make the interior expressive, sometimes it is enough to add one or a couple of accents.
So purchase exclusive animal prints Australia and be in harmony with nature even in the harsh conditions of the metropolis!

Wombat Print
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