Decorator tips to have your home come alive in 30 days

Decorator tips

Decorating your home can be a lot of fun. Choosing the colours and adding the furniture whether it’s your existing items or brand new, to make it feel like your space.

Accessorising and adding the finishing touches such as a few scatter cushions, a colourful vase, a rug and of course a painting or two can make a room look fabulous.

A great piece of art, a beautiful sculpture or a lovely painting always adds depth and character to a room. When selecting these items look for something that picks out some of your feature colours and has complementary tones. Sculptures can really finish a room, particularly if it is a stunning piece that becomes a focal point.

You can find original paintings that are not much more expensive than a print and these along with sculptures by a talented artist can increase in value over time. With these purchases, you will have not just some beautiful pieces to complement your room, but an investment as well!

The location of your artwork can also be a deciding factor in your choice. In a bedroom it’s appropriate for art to be calming, or even seductive, but in a dining room you can look for something bolder and more dramatic. If you want to relax in your living room, don’t choose art that’s too loud, or anything that dominates the room. The purpose of the room where you intend to display your art should influence the tone of the artwork itself.

Removable wall stickers/decals can have a large impact on a room with very little cost and afford you the ability of changing more frequently or work well if in rented accommodation. Designs such as a tree, or a meaningful phrase can suit a family or dining room. Children’s rooms come alive with animals, fantasy or images of their favourite characters or interests.

Two owls on a branch_HighRes

Aussie Babies Wall Decal by Lesley Davies

Aussie Babies Wall Decal 750mm wide x 635mm high (approx.)

Enjoy creating a home that has your signature on it, whether through small or significant additions. As they say, “a change is as good as a holiday”, get creative and be inspired by your next spate of decorating.

Here are some decorator tips:

  1. Choose a focal point: Start by selecting a focal point for the room, such as a piece of artwork, a unique piece of furniture, or a statement wall. This will help you determine the colour scheme, style, and overall design direction for the space.

  2. Mix and match textures: Experiment with different textures and materials to add interest and depth to a room. For example, you can combine a plush area rug with a sleek leather sofa, or mix wood and metal finishes for a modern industrial look.

  3. Play with scale: Vary the scale of your furniture and decor pieces to create visual interest and balance in the room. Mix smaller items with larger ones, or combine a large statement piece with smaller complementary items.

  4. Layer lighting: Use multiple sources of lighting, such as overhead fixtures, lamps, and candles, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. This will also allow you to adjust the lighting for different moods and occasions.

  5. Don’t be afraid of colour: Incorporate pops of colour into your décor to add personality and energy to the room. You can use bold accent pillows, colourful artwork, or a vibrant area rug to make a statement.

  6. Add natural elements: Bring in natural elements like plants, flowers, or wood accents to add warmth and life to a space. This can also help to create a sense of balance and harmony in the room.

Remember, decorating is a process and it’s important to experiment and have fun with it!

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